Knife Sharpening Service & Food Equipment Repair

Welcome to Povinelli Cutlery!

Povinelli Cutlery provides you with razor sharp knives with our Professional Knife Sharpening Program. We sharpen meat grinding knives, plates, deli slicer blades, scissors, lawnmower blades, manual garden tools, axes and more.

We sell flatware, commercial smallwares, fine cutlery to fit any budget, robot-coupe food processors, meat grinders, deli slicers, bandsaws, and manual food processing equipment. Choose from the most recognized brands in the industry, such as Dexter Russell, Wusthof, Forschner, Robot Coupe, Nemco Manual, Univex, Biro and more…

We also fix kitchen aid mixers, deli slicers, bandsaws, meat grinders and many other manual food processing equipment.

mail-in knife sharpening service