Residential Sharpening for 10 Knives


Have some dull kitchen knives that need sharpening? Povinelli Cutlery has a professional and affordable sharpening solution. Getting your old knives sharpened has never been easier with our new 3-Step Sharpening Service. Send us your dull knives, and we will take care of the rest!

*Order the Povinelli Sharpening Service above and send us up to 10 knives for sharpening. Flat rate price includes knife sharpening of up to 10 knives and return shipping of knives. (Don’t have 10 knives? Split the cost with a family member or friend!) Customer takes care of initial shipping of knives to Povinelli Cutlery. Please send or drop off your dull knives to Povinelli Cutlery, 3810 Union Rd. Buffalo, NY 14225.


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