Quality Hand Knife Sharpening Services

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Order the Povinelli Sharpening Service above and send us up to 10 knives for mail service sharpening. Flat rate price includes a knife sharpening of up to 10 knives and the return shipping price of knives. (Don’t have 10 knives? Split the cost with a family member or friend!)

You, our customer takes care of initial shipping of knives to Povinelli Cutlery. Please ship or drop off your dull knives to Povinelli Cutlery, 3810 Union Rd. Buffalo, NY 14225.

We are among the best knife sharpeners in the United States! See what we can do for your dull knives and cutlery today. When you need your knives, cutlery and kitchen blades sharpened, trust Povinelli Cutlery!  Call today to learn more about our sharpening services!