Nation-Wide Cutlery & Knife Sharpening Services!

Povinelli Cutlery provides you with razor sharp knives with our Professional Knife Sharpening Program. You can use our mail-in knife sharpening service to send in knives from wherever you are located. We promise your dull knife will come back to you as good as new!

In addition, we also provide a blade and cutlery sharpening service. We sharpen meat grinding knives, plates, deli slicer blades, scissors, lawnmower blades, manual garden tools, axes and more.

Choose from the most recognized brands in the industry!

We sell flatware, commercial small wares, fine cutlery to fit any budget, robot-coupe food processors, meat grinders, deli slicers, bandsaws, and manual food processing equipment. Choose from the most recognized brands in the industry, such as Dexter Russell, Wusthof, Forschner, Robot Coupe, Nemco Manual, Univex, Biro and more!

Full Line of Smallwares

Smallwares can cover a variety of different tools and equipment for your restaurant. Whether you are looking for cutlery and cookware to bar supplies and small appliances, Povinelli Knives & Sharpening provides your restaurant or business with all the products you need.

Smallwares are important for any restaurant and will be used by just about every employee. From top chefs needing fry pans and chef knives, to bartenders needing shakers and strainers, or servers needing tray stands and check presenters, we’ve got it. Even signage and employee uniforms count as smallware that may be needed by managers.

If you would like more information on smallwares we can provide for your restaurant, contact our team today. We are sure to have everything you will need!